Tier 4 (General) visa

To make an application for Tier 4 General entry clearance, you will need to apply in time so that you can gain entry for the start of your course and any welcome inductions. For your application to be processed you will need to provide the necessary evidence which confirms that you are able to meet the entry clearance immigration requirements for students.

Briefing for overseas application

The Visa Team will be running a special briefing for students who are in the UK but need to return home to make a new visa application during the summer. Please see our general workshops page for further information.

How to make a Tier 4 (General) entry clearance application

Before making your Tier 4 application you should read the appropriate current Tier 4 General policy guidance thoroughly.

In order to be eligible for Tier 4 General entry clearance, applicants have to achieve a score of 40 points under the Points Based System.
In order to achieve your points you must:

  1. Obtain your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from Newcastle University
  2. Provide your ATAS certificate if required.
  3. Obtain appropriate evidence to meet the maintenance/ funding requirements (PDF: 206KB)
  4. Complete the relevant visa application form online (Unless you are a national of Cuba or North Korea)
  5. Pay the Immigration Health Surcharge if required.
  6. If you wish to bring an applicable family member or partner with you as a Dependant, please remember to include them in your application form and that there is a separate fee. Please read the PBS Dependant guidance on the additional maintenance requirements for dependants.

There may be special requirements in some countries, such as the need to take a tuberculosis test.
All applicants will be required to have their fingerprints taken as part of the application process.
The current fee for each applicant is the equivalent of £348. The fee may change so always check the UK visas website for the latest guidance.

Credibility Interviews

As part of your Tier 4 visa application, you may be required to attend an interview with the UK Home Office. The interviews will be conducted by the Home Office in the UK via a video link. You will not be required to attend an interview if you are a national of a low risk country (under the differentiation agreement).

The interview will focus on your reasons for coming to the UK; this is known as a credibility interview. A report of the interview will be sent to the visa officer who will consider it alongside your visa application and supporting documents. You may be called for a further interview if the visa officer needs more information. For further information on the credibility interview, please refer to the Home Office Frequently Asked Questions (PDF: 61KB)

The following guide will provide you with more details about the type and format of the credibility interview (PDF: 45KB).

When you should make your application

You need to make sure that your application can be processed in time for you to attend the start of your course and any course inductions and welcome talks. Please note, however, that you may not make a Tier 4 application using a CAS more than 3 months before the start of your course. If you do so, your application may be rejected.

Where you should make an application

You should make your application through the visa application centre or your nearest British Diplomatic post (for example Embassy, High Commission Consulate in your Home country). You can find details of your nearest visa centre and further guidance on the application process here.

Conditions of Tier 4 visas

When you have successfully obtained your Tier 4 visa, you need to be fully aware of the conditions that are attached to it.


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