Students with caring responsibilities

If you are a current student with caring responsibilities, there are several steps that can be taken to support you as a student who has parental responsibilities. The Welfare and Equality Officer at the Students’ Union will be able to assist you with each step.

• Step 1
You need to consider whether your caring responsibilities might have an impact on your attendance and/or assessments. If yes, you will need to request a meeting with a trusted member of staff in your school. If applicable, a Personal and Extenuating Circumstances form may need to be completed. More information can be found here

• Step 2
The member of staff responds, meets with yourself and considers the implications of the caring responsibilities for all elements of the programme of study, including course placements, study abroad and field work.

• Step 3
The School/Faculty prepares a written statement detailing the agreed flexibility and sends a copy to you.

• Step 4
The responsible member of staff communicates written agreement to relevant others e.g. personal tutor, exam boards along with, where appropriate, a mitigating circumstances form.

• Step 5
The member of staff and yourself jointly monitor the agreement and agree further adjustments if the need arises.