Support for Students with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) - Guidance for Staff

We are committed to providing a friendly and accessible service to assist students with dyslexia and other Specific Learning Difficulties in achieving their potential.

Emotional effects of a Specific Learning Difficulty

Students’ reactions to a diagnosis of SpLD are as varied as their experiences of it. Many students have been diagnosed whilst at school, and have benefited from good support. These students often have a clear understanding of their areas of weakness, and have developed strategies to manage these. Nevertheless, fatigue and frustration are common, together with a lack of confidence in their own ability.

Students whose difficulties have not been identified until later in life may experience more negative emotions such as panic, stress, anxiety and low self esteem. This may be particularly true for mature students, some of whom will have had very negative experiences of education earlier in life.

More detailed information about Specific Learning Difficulties and the support we offer is also available.


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