Academic Support

How academic tutors can help

  • Give presentation materials or lecture notes in advance of a lecture
  • Allow lectures / seminars to be recorded
  • Allow plenty of time for information to be copied or written down
  • Present information in a variety of formats (eg diagrams, flow charts, mind maps)
  • Overview / outline / recap / reinforce information presented in lectures
  • Give directed reading / reading lists in advance to allow students time to read core coursework texts
  • Stagger deadline dates for submission
  • Offer tutorials on structure and planning
  • Give topic in advance rather than extending deadlines
  • Give option of oral or combination of written and oral presentation
  • Use pastel coloured paper (eg pale yellow or blue)
  • Use Arial font (12,14)
  • Use double line spacing
  • Leave a wide margin to allow student to make own notes
  • Make headings clear
  • Keep language plain
  • Bullet point material
  • Provide a glossary at the beginning

Dyslexia Marking Policy (PDF: 400KB)