Staff Training and Consultancy

The Student Wellbeing Service is involved in various training events for staff, please contact us for further details.

In your professional role within the University it's likely that, at times, you'll feel some concern regarding the wellbeing of some of your students. Understandably it can be daunting, and even disturbing, when faced with a student who is distressed or vulnerable.

If you're a member of Newcastle University staff and you're concerned about the mental health of a student, you can contact the Student Wellbeing Service through consultancy for advice.

It's often helpful to encourage students to take a look at our web pages and to contact the service themselves to request an assessment appointment. During this appointment, we'll discuss the range of support available and which option might best suit their particular needs.

To use the Consultancy service ring 3333, or complete a web form.


The Student Wellbeing Service is not an emergency service.

If a student is expressing thoughts of suicide, self-harm or risk-taking behaviour, and you have a high concern for their safety, advise them to contact their GP and arrange an appointment immediately.

If you think a student may be at immediate risk of harming themselves or someone else (ie threatening to take their own life or the life of another person), call the emergency services on 999.  See our emergency and out of hours page for more details.