What our students say about their visit

Fei from China went on a weekend visit to Yorkshire

"Words fail me when it comes to how much I enjoyed this nice weekend with my host and another lovely HOST friend. It was the first time ever in my life to experience such unforgettably nice and warm traditional British family life. Within two short days, we cooked English food together, fed the chicken and ducks, did some reading, went to the local TESCO supermarket (which was bigger than the one in Newcastle:) and paid a visit to St. Mary Cathedral, Thirsk Museum, Mount Grace Priory, Sutton Bank National Park and so on. I was obsessed with the spectacular view of the countryside and greatly touched by how much the local people like Thirsk love about nature, people, culture and life. This has been undoubtedly the most memorable experience I have ever had in UK and it is going to stay in my memory for life after I graduate and go back to China. The best highlight ever in your stay in the UK! Definitely worth going for surprises ahead."

Ivana from Croatia visited North Yorkshire in Spring

"Special moments, highlights, memorable parts: The house where we stayed was breathtaking same as the village we were in. Our hosts were very well educated, informed, open minded and globe trotters from whom we learned so much. We had a day trip to the coast and in total had a perfect two days. Experience of living in the city as a student can't be compared to two days stay in typical small British village with friendly people and slow pace of living. There is more to Britain then big cities sightseeing and complaining about poor food. Of course we were sceptical of the visit being a little afraid of staying at unknown people's house and spending time with them. But we had fun beyond our wildest expectations."

Renny from Indonesia visited Scotland

"Almost everyday was a special moment with the family. They are kind people with warm hearts. They invited me my HOST mate from China, to go around town with them and introduced me to local people. People there are full of smiles and open to foreigners. They held interesting conversations and made us part of them. Our host always prepares food in traditional Scottish way. I enjoyed my stay in the family because I could learn many things . Recommendations to other students: I highly recommend HOST to every student who is studying in UK. I guarantee that you will never regret of your participation in this program since you will get new families, new friends, and new experiences during your stay in UK."

Atikah from Malaysia visited the North East to celebrate New Year’s

"I enjoyed living with the host family as i was treated as a family, never as a visitor of HOST. I really appreciate it when they tried the very best to make me feel comfortable among them. It has been a joy to spend the weekend and learn to appreciate different lifestyle. I have made the right decision to join this program, and I hope to go for it again soon enough."

Marie Leodora from Indonesia went on a Christmas visit

“I've learned a lot from the family. Ann taught me how to cook traditional Christmas dinner and how to bake Mince Pie. She also showed me some of her beautiful artworks. She's a great lady and a lovely mother as well. Bobby is a kindhearted and very funny person; he made me laugh most of the time. I also saw some of his amazing wooden-craft works. Well, they should open their own art gallery, I think. Ailsa is super fun and a very, very talented girl; Ann & Bobby must be very proud of her. She and Bobby also taught me some tricks of photography. To conclude, I personally think this is far more than just experiencing British 'culture', I don't know how to put it into words, but it's more about sharing life and values which transcends cultures. I learned about people and I learned about myself. Recommendations to other students: Experience it yourself and I'm sure you'll be glad you did!

Diya Meriam Deepak from India

“Once in a lifetime opportunity! Life enhancing experience. Cultural Benefits like no other”

Megumi Miki from Japan

“My host family told me a lot of things about English culture, and I enjoyed traditional food so much. I experienced really good time in British home It was one of the greatest experiences in my English life. Thank you very much for give me a chance to visit.”


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