HOST news


Free visits for Nigerian and Pakistani students

HOST is delighted to announce that we have received funding to help a limited number of Nigerian and Pakistani students enjoy a HOST visit for completely free. This funding, from the Souter Charitable Trust, will cover any part of the HOST application fee usually passed on to the students. You can register with HOST and apply for your visit online. See HOST and follow the instructions.

International Cook Book

Host are planning a Cook Book to celebrate their 25th birthday in 2012. They are looking for recipes from around the world, with pictures and food related anecdotes, to celebrate the importance of food on a HOST visit. If you would like to contribute please send your recipes, pictures and anecdotes to or Unit 8, Water House, 8 Orsman Road, London, N1 5QJ.

A message from HOST to all students.

As I hope you know, HOST is a voluntary organisation which links international students in the UK with friendly hospitable residents of Britain. You can apply to HOST to receive an invitation to visit one of their approved hosts somewhere in Britain, so that you can experience the way of life and the culture outside the university environment. HOST visits are usually for a weekend. It is also possible to have an invitation for Christmas.

HOST has now introduced a new DAY VISIT PROGRAMME. This means that you can be linked with hosts who live only a short distance from the university (maximum not more than an hours journey), so that you can spend one day with them. You will not be staying overnight. This is a very good idea for students who do not want to travel far, or who do not have the time for a longer visit.

You can register with HOST and apply for your one day visit online. See HOST and follow the instructions. After your application has been authorised by the university, you will be linked with HOST’s local regional organiser, who will find you an invitation with a host living within a one hour journey from the university.

We hope you will want to use this opportunity to meet the local community and to find out what life is really like in this country. HOST visits are FREE – the hosts are happy to make you welcome. There is information about who pays the administration charge on the HOST website.