Distressing Events in London

The Student Wellbeing Service would like to extend their condolences and offer support to students affected by the recent events in London.

The government have released a web page dedicated to people who have been affected by the events.  The web page covers:

1.Urgent advice and assistance

2.Immediate support for victims and witnesses

3.Continuing support for victims, witnesses and those affected

Anyone concerned about a loved one can call the Police Casualty Bureau 0800 096 1233 and 020 7158 0197

Newcastle University's Chaplaincy team are here to offer support to any students who need some time to talk or reflect. Please call 07582 033 125 to be linked to the team, or call into their office in the Willow Room, ground floor of the Agriculture building.

If you wish to receive support from outside the University you can also contact:

published on: 6th June 2017