Relocation, Portability and Social Care Practice

Relocation, portability and social care practice – moving to a new local authority with your social care support.

  • Have you and your family moved to a new local authority area for employment, education or training – or for other purposes?
  • Are you (or another adult in your household) receiving social care services funded by the local authority?
  • Would you be willing to take part in a research project about your experiences of moving?

Moving to a new area can offer exciting and positive opportunities. However, people who receive social care support as a result of a disability, illness or caring responsibilities may experience significant challenges when moving to a new local authority area.

A new research project at the University of Hull aims to find out about the experiences of people who have moved to a new area – for work, to study, or for other reasons, such as to be closer to family and friends. We aim to find out about the challenges they experience and the strategies they adopt to overcome difficulties and barriers to moving.

The information shared with the researchers will be used to produce information to help people who receive social care support who are planning to move to a new area. We will also produce information for social workers and other professionals about how to facilitate the relocation of care services and funding across local authority boundaries, and how to support individuals who are moving.

Can you help?
We want to hear the stories and experiences of people who receive social care services and/or funding and who have moved from one local authority area. For example, this includes people who receive social care support or funding because they are;

  • Disabled
  • Have a long term health condition or illness
  • Provide long term support to a partner or family member (often referred to as a ‘carer’).

If you

  • Have moved (or are currently in the process of moving) from one English local authority to another in the last three years
  • Have moved for education or employment, or for other reasons (such as to be closer to family, friends or support networks)
  • Receive (or received at the time you moved) social care services or funding (including services paid for by direct payments)

Then we are keen to hear about your experiences of relocation – both positive and negative. We would also like to hear from people who have tried to move to a new area, but who have been unsuccessful or unable to make such a move.

What is involved in taking part?
If you decide to take part in the research we will arrange to interview you at a time and place that is convenient to you. Your involvement in the research will remain confidential.

For further information about the research or to arrange to take part in the project, please contact;
Caroline White (, telephone 01482 466374) or Dave Marsland (, telephone 01482 466626). 

published on: 6th June 2013