Sexual Violence Support

Sexual Violence Survivor and Harassment Support

All members of our University community should behave respectfully and we all have responsibility for creating and sustaining a safe, supportive environment. Newcastle University never tolerates sexually abusive behaviours or attitudes.

If you or a Newcastle University student you know is a survivor of sexual violence, Newcastle University will support you. We recognise that sexual violence is a power-based crime and that you are never to blame. We will always support you in ways which respect your right to personal autonomy. As such, all of our support and reporting process are survivor led.

There are a number of support and reporting options you may wish to consider and these are outlined below. If you are unsure which option/s to choose you can talk these options through with a University Counsellor or you can call The National Rape Crisis helpline on 0808 802 9999.

Immediate Safety:

Your personal safety must be the NUMBER ONE priority.

If you are not safe and it is an emergency please call the police on 999.

If it is not an emergency, alert our Security Team to your safety concerns. They can work with you to ensure your physical safety Tel: 0191 208 6817 or 0191 208 6666

Download and make use of the University’s Safe Zone App


Remember the choice is yours, no one should pressure you into a reporting decision.

If you wish to report a crime of sexual violence you can call the police on 101 or contact our Campus Police Officer PC 8964 Mick Miller. Mick can be contacted via the following methods:

E-mail:, Security Control Centre, or by telephoning the Northumbria Police switchboard 101 for non-emergencies and 999 for emergencies. Mick also holds Student Drop-in sessions twice a week, at the following locations (term time only):

• Student Union - Level 0 in the Student Advice Centre, Tuesday 12noon till 2pm

• King's Gate - Level 2, Thursday 12noon till 2pm

The police will investigate the crime and ensure that you are safeguarded. They will also link you to the appropriate local and national support services.

You can report a sexual crime to the University using the crime incident report form. This system is managed by our Security staff, who will liaise with the relevant Student Services Teams so that you can be offered further support should you need it. The University's Security team is experienced in responding to serious crimes and when necessary, liaising with the police and emergency services.

If you've been assaulted by any member of the University community you can report this to our Student Progress team, who will follow our Student Disciplinary Procedure and protocols and investigate the allegation. During this process you will always be linked to University Health and Wellbeing Services to ensure that you are supported emotionally.

If you want to report your experience to your Student Union, you can complete this online form; anonymity is an option when completing the form. The Student Union will provide you with the details of appropriate support services available to you.

Local and National Support:

Victims First Northumbria provide confidential help and support to cope and recover from the impact of crime.
Tel: 0800 011 3116

REACH, is our local Sexual Assault Referral Centre, staff offer confidential support whether or not you wish to report an assault to the police.
Tel: 0191 221 9222

Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland is a charity which provides, free confidential support, information and counselling to women who have experienced sexual violence. They are completely independent of the criminal justice system including the police. Telephone: 091 222 0272

Victim Support is an independent charity, who work to support people affected by crime or traumatic events. They provide help to ensure people feel safer and find strength to move beyond crime. Their support is free, confidential and can be tailored to your needs. Tel: 0808 168 9111

Newcastle University’s Health and Wellbeing Services can provide you with counselling to explore the impact the assault has had upon you and how you can being powered to redress this.
Tel: 0191 208 3333

Accommodation Support:

Our accommodation team can also support you, especially if your living arrangements mean you are unsafe. Please contact them on 0191 208 3333


If you are concerned about your own behaviour or that sexual violence has been or may be perpetrated against one of our students, you can contact The University’s Wellbeing Consultancy Team, who will help to take any and all necessary safeguarding steps Tel: 0191 208 3333