Blind/Partially Sighted Students

On application to the University

Applicants who are blind or partially sighted are encouraged to make contact with us at an early stage, to start to discuss important issues such as preferred ways to access information, mobility requirements etc.  Many activities may be easy for you in familiar surroundings, but some parts of university life may create difficulties – for example, reading textbooks, getting around the campus, or recognising people.

Advice, information and guidance is available to Blind/Partially sighted students at all stages of their university career. In addition to the support that Student Wellbeing can offer to students, there are a number of external organisations which students can also contact for further information, advice and support.

Visually Impaired Cricket

Visually Impaired Cricket is an adapted version of cricket. It includes alterations such as a size 3 sound football and large plastic stumps. Open to both men and women of any age. For more information on dates, times and venue, please click here.