Additional Costs

Some of our degrees involve additional costs which are not covered by our tuition fees. Some of these costs apply to all students while others depend on your programme of study.

To make sure that you budget accurately for university life, please read this page carefully to see which additional costs apply to you, as well as any support you can expect to receive towards them.

Emergency Loan Repayments

Not paying back emergency loans could:

  • stop you from re-registering in a later year
  • stop you attending a graduation ceremony and receiving your degree parchment.
  • delay your registration
  • decrease future University bursary/scholarship payments
  • mean you are refused future hardship funding
  • mean you are referred to the Finance Office for your loan to be recovered by a debt collection agency, which might affect your credit rating.

All money raised from fines is credited to the Student Hardship Fund.

Confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS)

If you're from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland and applying to study in the UK you'll need a CAS to enter the country. The CAS is a visa requirement, not a condition applied by the University. We'll cover the cost of issuing the CAS, but we'll charge you £100 for reissue if you've made a mistake resulting in the need for a reissue.

Membership of the Students' Union

You don't have to pay a separate fee for membership to the Students' Union.

Late Registration Fee

You could be charged an extra £65 if you register after the agreed time.

Late Payment Fee

If you pay your tuition fees late, including if you haven't met a direct debit payment, you could be charged an extra £25.

Disciplinary Fines

All disciplinary cases are considered on their merits, but if you're found guilty of misconduct fines and other charges may be imposed.


Undergraduate Fieldwork, Vacation Courses, etc.

We try to minimise the additional costs incurred if you have compulsory programmes of field work, field trips or visits.

  • you'll receive some financial help if you have compulsory visits, field trips and field work on compulsory modules
  • we'll pay for all visits, field trips and field work in the UK that last no more than one night away
  • we'll cover £45 per night up to a maximum of £315 per compulsory field trip if it lasts more than 1 night
  • we'll cover £85 per night up to a maximum of £595 per compulsory overseas trip

You might incur additional costs for visits where we don't cover the total cost.

You’ll need to cover the cost of optional visits and field trips / field work.

Deposits for keys and Smartcards

You need to pay a deposit for keys and smartcards.

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks

Your School will pay for a DBS check if you need one for your course.

Immunisation costs

Some courses mean you need an immunisation. You should check with your school if you need an immunisation before you start your course.


There are two categories of clothing that you may require for your course:

  • clothing that students are expected to own: you must provide things like wellies and warm clothing
  • compulsory protective clothing needed for the course which your school will provide (such as a laboratory coats, safety boots or goggles) if they're needed for your course

Materials / equipment

Schools (primarily in Fine Art and Architecture) will provide or fund initial minimum materials/equipment to you. You'll need to buy specific additional materials for individual projects.

Electronic Devices

Some academic units may give or loan devices to you if you have a specific purpose for it.

Library Overdue Charges

There is a charge payable on return of overdue library books. This money is used by the Library to purchase additional copies of commonly requested books.

Medical and Dental Students' travel for clinical training

You should ask at either the Medical or Dental Student Offices for full details of the travel bursary for clinical training at hospitals or clinics.

Congregation ceremonies

You'll get a free ticket for your graduation ceremonies for you and two guests. You'll need to pay for gown hire.

You should be aware that there may be additional costs applicable to your programme of study for such items as books, instruments, equipment, materials, etc. Details of likely costs vary between subject areas and you should contact the appropriate Head of Academic Unit or nominee for further information.