Cost of University

In addition to the money required to pay for tuition fees you will also need to budget for day-to-day living. The amount you spend will vary depending upon your circumstances and personal tastes.

What can affect my study costs?

Some factors which can affect the amount you’ll spend on living costs are:

  • whether you’re full-time or part-time
  • the length of your academic year
  • the type of accommodation you choose
  • if you have dependants who live with you
  • the course you’re studying

Some of our degrees involve additional costs which aren’t covered by our tuition fees. Some of these costs apply to all students while others depend on the course you’re studying.

How do I work out my cost of living?

Newcastle is relatively inexpensive compared with other parts of the UK but costs can soon add up. Our Cost of Living in Newcastle for 2018/19 leaflet (PDF:134KB) estimates the income you should have in place to cover your living costs, as well as outlining the main outgoings you’re likely to incur.

You can also use these funding calculators to see how your income and expenditure compares:

If you’re an overseas student you can check how the cost of living in your home country compares to Newcastle using a currency converter.