Making the most of your money

Managing your money can be a difficult task when you’re a student. Income can be low and your outgoings high, so taking the time to closely look at your finances can seem like a daunting task.

Planning Ahead

Taking time to plan ahead can really help you to make the most of your money and reduce the stress and anxiety that is often associated with finance matters. Take a look at our top money tips for new UK students (PDF:128KB) and International/EU students (PDF:130KB).

Where do I start?

Our Money Personality Quiz (PDF: 134KB) can help you to determine how well you manage your money at the moment. This can be an eye-opener and help you make immediate changes.

In the longer term there are three key areas which all have an impact upon how well you can manage your money:

Looking at these areas will get you off to a good start and will lead to you being in control of your money throughout your studies. Planning your year in advance will help you focus on the important things, such as studying and socialising!

Need some help?

Contact the Student Finance Advisers