Disbursement of Loans

Direct Loan funds are disbursed at the start of each term during an academic year. Disbursements can only be made to students who are fully enrolled on their programme of study and making satisfactory academic progress.

The procedure on Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid Recipients can be found here.

New students will not be able to receive any funds until they have completed the University's registration process at the start of the academic year.

Once we receive your loan funds from the US Department of Education we use these to pay off your tuition fees for the term. If there are any funds remaining from the disbursement these will be paid to you by the University's Finance Office. If we have details of your UK bank account the funds will be deposited straight into this account – and this is normal for most US students. If your bank details are not available, a cheque in Pound Sterling will be issued to you.

Please note it may take 3-5 working days after the disbursement date, before amounts for living costs are available to you. You should therefore ensure you bring enough money with you when you first arrive to cover your expenses for this period, we would recommend around £400 - £500.

Loans to all students will be disbursed in three equal installments: in September, January and April. Further information about the exact disbursement dates and amounts will be sent to students prior to each disbursement.

Payments are made by BACS credit transfer and will be paid into the student's UK Bank Account, which we advise all international students to obtain after registration. If students do not have a UK bank account or they have not advised us of their bank details when their first payment is released, their payment will be made by cheque.

Please download the bank details form here.