Bursaries, Scholarships and Prizes

Please refer to academic years below to check eligibility for the centrally administered bursary and scholarship schemes.

2019-20 Academic Year

Opportunity Scholarship - income assessed scholarship for UK undergraduatets with income of £35k or less

Academic Performance
  • Endowed Prizes - prizes of differing values, predominantly stage 1 undergraduates
  • Engineering Prizes - prizes to assist the most promising engineering undergraduates
Care Leavers
Donor Funded Schemes
Sports and Performance
  • Performance Sport Scholarships - Sports Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis and are available to undergraduate and postgraduate applicants, as well as current students. Scholarships are reviewed annually.
  • Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme - TASS is a Government funded programme that represents a unique partnership between sport and higher and further education. A TASS award is made on an annual basis and individuals are nominated by their National Governing Body.
Student Parents
University Funded Schemes
  • Career Insight Bursary - provides financial support to help students explore their career options
  • Expeditions - University is particularly keen to encourage expeditions organised by students to carry out research at destinations outside the UK and can offer funds to assist with this
  • ncl+ Student Achievement Awards -each year individuals and groups from across the University gain local and national recognition for their hard work and achievements.
  • Research Scholarships - provide undergraduates who have research potential with experience of research