Engineering Prizes

William Benedict Coleman Scholarships

The William Benedict Coleman Scholarships were established in 1997 from the funds donated from the estate of widow, the late Mrs Sarah Ann Deary Coleman, in order to perpetuate the memory of her husband who was a successful engineer, who lived and worked in the North East of England.

1. The Scholarship shall be known as the William Benedict Coleman Scholarships and shall be devoted to assisting studies of the most promising undergraduates in engineering at Newcastle University.
2. The Scholarships shall be awarded each year to the best students seeking entry to Stage 2 of the MEng/BEng course in any Engineering School within the Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering, at least one of whom will be in receipt of Student Loans Company fee and maintenance funding.
3. The award of the Scholarship will be based in each case upon the candidate's performance in Stage 1 of his/her degree programme. The awards shall be made by the University Exhibitions and Engineering Scholarships Committee which includes at lease one member of each Faculty. The Heads of Engineering Schools (or their nominees) shall submit nominations for the Scholarship on an annual basis.
4. The minimum value of each Scholarship shall be £2,000 per year. The Scholarships will be renewable each year for Stages 3 (and Stage 4 MEng only), subject to satisfactory progress towards the chosen degree.
5. The Scholarships will be awarded from the fund annually, up to the full value of the monies available (as advised by the University Finance Office), except when there are too few applicants of sufficient merit.

2016/2017 Winners

  • Victoria Dormand, BEng Hons Chemical Engineering
  • Robert Temperley, MEng Hons Chemical Engineering Industry
  • Honeyfer Amancio, MEng Chem Eng Hons Bioprocess Eng
  • Emma Paterson-Stephens, MEng Hons Chemical Engineering
  • Jonathon Puckett, BEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering
  • Ella Foreman, MEng Hons Chemical Engineering
  • Ivan Shmarov, BSc Hons Physics
  • Jun Wei Fan, MEng Marine Technology  with Hons in Naval Architecture
  • Amy Potter, MEng Marine Technology with  Hons in Small Craft Technology
  • Daniel Wilson, MEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering

M A Burnip Scholarships

The M A Burnip Scholarships were established with funds from the Will of the late Mabel Annie Burnip for the general purposes of Newcastle University in memory of Dr Ethel Williams, suffragette. Up to two Scholarships are normally awarded each year to undergraduate women students in Engineering.

1. The Scholarships shall be known as the M A Burnip Scholarships.
2. Up to two Scholarships may be awarded in any one year, subject to the level of income available.
3. The Scholarships shall be tenable by women students who enter undergraduate courses in Engineering with the Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering.
4. The value of each Scholarship in any year shall be £600
5. The Scholarship shall be awarded by the University Exhibitions and Engineering Scholarship Committee on behalf of the Senate of the University on the recommendation of the Head of an Engineering School.
6. Each Scholarship shall be tenable for the normal three of four consecutive years of an undergraduate degree course, subject to the student maintaining satisfactory attendance and progress on her course and provided that:

a) in the event of the student not maintaining satisfactory attendance and progress the Scholarship shall be terminated unless the Committee, on the recommendation of the Head of School concerned, determines that the Scholarship shall be suspended for a specific period, not exceeding one academic year;
b) the Committee on the recommendation of the Head of the School concerned suspend the Scholarship for a period not exceeding one academic year in order to permit the student to obtain relevant professional or industrial experience;
c) not more than one period of suspension of the Scholarship under sections 6 (a) and (b) shall be granted to any one student.

7. The Scholarship shall not be tenable jointly with any other Scholarship, Exhibition or similar award in the gift of the University.

2016/2017 Winners

  • Kishori Young, MEng Hons Civil & Structural Engineering
  • Nguyen Le, MEng Hons Mechanical & Loe Carbon Transport Engineering

R A Batey Scholarships

The late Miss Jane Whiteside Alexander Batey bequeathed the sum of £5,000 for the purpose of establishing a memorial fund in memory of her late brother, Robert Alexander Batey, who graduated in 1926 at Armstrong College, Newcastle and was for a time lecturer at the Sunderland Technical College. It has been determined that the income from this bequest shall be applied in accordance with the following regulations.

1. Two scholarships, to be known as the R.A.Batey Scholarships, shall be awarded each year. The holders will be known as R.A.Batey Scholars. The scholarships will have an annual value of £600 and shall be tenable for two years.
2. The scholarships will be awarded by the University Exhibitions and Engineering Scholarship Committee, after consultation with all the Heads of Engineering Schools in the Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering, to the two students who achieve the best results in the Part 1 course in each academic year.
3. If no candidate is deemed to have attained a sufficiently high standard the scholarships will not be awarded.
4. These Regulations may be varied from time to time by the University if, by reason of material changes in the conditions of study in the University, or of changes affecting the majority of students attending Schools within the Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering (whether their homes are in the North East of England or elsewhere), or of changes in Government regulations or otherwise, amendments are deemed to be necessary to comply with the wishes of the original benefactor. Such amendments must be of a minor character and should be introduced for the purpose of affecting the overall charitable purpose of Miss Batey.

2016/2017 Winners

  • Timothy Hajda, BSc Hons Surveying & Map Science
  • Kyle Kergon, MEng Electrical Power Engineering with Industrial Placement
  • Ross Macdonald, BSc Hons Physics
  • Panayiotis Souroullas, BEng Marine Technology (Hons) Naval Architecture
  • Amar Birdi, MEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering