Agriculture Students

Agriculture students who wish to apply for additional funding may find the list of charities/trusts below a useful starting point.

The Dick Harrison Trust - award grants for fees or maintenance to people who were born in Scotland or the Counties of Cumbria, or Northumberland, or who are (or whose parents or guardians are) at the time of the award resident in any of these places and who are studying livestock auctioneering and/or rural estate management.

The John Oldacre Foundation one-off grants for undergraduate and postgraduate students who are carrying out research in the agricultural sciences which is meaningful to the UK agricultural industry. The research must be published.

The Royal Bath & West of England Society: can help people studying any aspect of agriculture, horticulture, forestry, conservation or any form of food production or marketing.

Studley College Trust - provides financial support in the form of student bursaries for study and training activities in the land-based industries

The Tropical Agricultural Association Award Fund: UK graduates, people with a diploma or senior students up to the age of 30 wishing to spend at least six months working on a rural development project in a developing country. Usually grant recipients have had a training in agriculture, forestry, agroforestry, environmental science or geography.