Applying for funding

Once you have put together a list of organisations that you think you are eligible to apply to it is vital to check that you do meet the eligibility criteria.  One thing that many people forget to do is to read through any lists of exclusions so it is probably worth checking these too!

Before taking the time to complete and submit an application you should probably approach any potential organisations to check if you meet the criteria and to request the most up to date applications forms, specific guidance and information about closing dates.

Top tips

  • Answer all the questions fully
  • Complete the form properly
  • Do not include additional sheets or documents unless specified
  • Be mindful of your audience and avoid jargon
  • Ensure you sign and date the form
  • Meet the deadlines
  • Keep a copy of your application

Personal statement

If you are required to write a personal statement as part of your application you will need to outline why the charity should invest in you, provide some information about the nature of your studies and the benefit this will have for your future career. If you have made applications to other funding organisations it would also be useful to outline this in your application.

Financial statement

Show have thought about how you intend to fund your studies. What funding do you have in place?  How do you intend to meet any shortfall you have?  How much you think you need in order to manage?

List what your income and expenditure will be and indicate the steps you plan to take to show how you will live frugally and how you will make your available funds stretch.


Most organisations will want references. Usually these will need to be from academics.