Disabled students and students with ongoing medical conditions

Disabled students and students with ongoing medical conditions who wish to apply for additional funding may find the list of charities/trusts below a useful starting point.

Al-mizan Charitable Trust - can provide small grants and interest-free loans of up to £500 to those most in need

The British Association of Health Services in Higher Education For disabled students who are not eligible for UK Disabled Students' Allowances funding

Equipment for Independent Living - helps people who have disabilities who are aged over 16 and living in the UK and abroad.  They give one-off grants towards disability equipment enabling people to obtain mobility, independence and earning power.

Google Europe Scholarship for Students with Disabilities Provides scholarships and networking retreats for computer science students with disabilities. Annual opportunity to apply. 

The Peter Greenwood Memorial Trust for Deaf Students - offer small cash grants to enable individuals to buy books and equipment to support them in there studies.

The Helena Kennedy Foundation For students progressing to HE who have overcome severe difficulties, including disability, and who may face financial hardship

David Hyman Charitable Trust - can help University students, under 25 years of age, who are severely disabled (wheelchair bound) or blind.

Blind Children UK (part of Guide Dogs): People aged up to 25 years in full-time education who are (or are eligible to be) registered blind or partially sighted and live in the UK. One-off grants towards IT equipment or sensory/recreational equipment for use in the home to aid with the individual's learning and development.

The Snowdon Awards Scheme  For students in HE or FE with physical or sensory disabilities

St Jude's Trust - provides one-off and recurrent grants to people in need through disability or disadvantage. The Trust only considers applications in May and November.