Female Students

Female students who wish to apply for additional funding may find the list of charities/trusts below a useful starting point.

Altrusa Careers Trust: gives grants to those who are struggling to gain qualifications. These qualifications will enable them to secure jobs which will provide sufficient income to support them and their families

British Foundation for Women Graduates gives awards annually to women in their third year of doctoral studies

Funds for women graduates: offers Foundation Grants to help women graduates with their living expenses (not fees) while registered for study or research at an approved institution of higher education in Great Britain

The Hilda Martindale Educational Trust: one-off grants are of between £200 and £1,000. Grants can be used for books, equipment, fees, living expenses or childcare.

Medical Women's Federation - oversee a variety of grants and prizes throughout the year to assist qualified Doctors or women studying towards a medical degree leading to GMC registration as a doctor.

Futures for Women: provides interest free loans to women seeking to improve career prospects

Yorkshire Ladies' Council of Education: provides small awards to help British women (aged over 21) who cannot finance their chosen educational course from their own resources