Charity and Trust Funding

Funding your time at university can be difficult and as a student you may have limited sources of income.  If you are looking to supplement your income you could consider the option of applying to external organisations such as charities and trusts. 

There are thousands of external funding bodies and around 1,400 educational trusts that have funds available to disburse.  Eligibility criteria, application processes and the value of awards can vary enormously between these organisations.

Awards from such organisations tend to be small and are unlikely to exceed £1,000 so it is not likely that you will obtain the level of funding to cover all of your costs from one organisation. It is, however, possible to build up a portfolio of awards from a number of organisations and once you have completed one application for funding it may be that you can easily amend and adapt this to apply for funding from other organisations.

Whilst not a comprehensive list of all the charitable and trust funding available the following links may help to point you in the right direction.

Funding available to help people who:

Specific funds aimed at helping: