Utility Costs

If you are struggling to pay your water, gas or electricity bills you should always contact your energy provider to discuss the options available to you and whether it is possible to negotiate a more realistic payment plan. If you have accrued large debts you may find it useful to speak to an adviser from the Student Advice Centre as they can help with debt management.

It may also be possible to obtain some assistance from energy providers to help you meet the cost of you bills:

British Gas Energy Trust can provide people in need, hardship or other distress is eligible to apply for a grant from the Trust

EDF Energy Trust can provide grants for current account holders to help toward gas and electricity arrears and other essential domestic bills or the purchase of essential household items.

E.ON Energy Fund offers vulnerable customers a straightforward route to a range of products, measures and services which aim to reduce energy bills improve energy efficiency, increase household income and affordably heat homes

npower Energy Fund npower customers who are struggling to pay their bills can apply to the Fund for assistance.

Scottish Power Energy People Trust is an independent charity to help vulnerable, disadvantaged people out of fuel poverty.