Expeditions Committee Funding

Expedition proposals need to show that:

  • the topic to be investigated is worthwhile, an independent piece of research, and can be tackled in the time available (usually part of the summer vacation)
  • the destination is appropriate and feasible
  • the activities involved are legal and safe
  • the team from UK has sufficient experience and can benefit from the expedition experience
  • any official permissions required are being actively sought
  • people in the host country locality are willing to collaborate and are likely to benefit from the work done

The Expeditions Committee wants to support any good expedition plans, but please note the following details.

  • Students completing their studies before the intended start of a planned expedition are not eligible to apply (but they could join a team including other registered students).
  • Expeditions planned around research in any discipline to any destination by any taught-course student, but especially undergraduate teams, will be considered for support.
  • Expeditions centred on endurance aims (eg scaling peaks), or development aid (eg building a school) are not eligible.
  • Single individuals can apply provided that they have good overseas counterpart arrangements in place. Please note that individuals may not be able to apply for some sources of external funding which are only available to team expeditions, eg Royal Geographical Society.
  • Data collected on expeditions may be used as the basis for BA, MA, BSc, MSc research projects, but only with the prior permission of the degree programme director(s) concerned.
  • MPhil and PhD students are excluded from applying to this scheme but may be included as a member in a team led by a BA, MA, BSc or MSc student. Involvement of family members is not permitted.
  • Integrated studies in more than one discipline are welcome but so are single discipline pursuits. Some UK team members may be students from other universities or may not be students at all, but in such cases all forms of University support will be limited to members who are registered students at the time of the expedition at Newcastle University.
  • Substantial involvement (as distinct from catalysis) by members of the University's academic, research or technical staff, or by external organisations in the planning and/or execution of an expedition reduces its value as an independent student activity and is likely to result in the rejection of a proposal.
  • Projects in the social sciences often require that special attention is paid to the ethical and cultural impacts of the research to be undertaken. For advice see preparation of expedition proposals in the social sciences
  • It is customary for each team member to make a personal contribution (usually in the region of £200-£500) to the expedition budget. It is also routine for expedition budgets to include provision for host-country counterparts' full travel and subsistence costs.