Financial implications of repeating a year or part of a year

You will need to agree with your school whether you:

  • need to repeat all or part of the year again
  • if you will be repeating in residence (where you attend as normal)
  • if you will be repeating as an external student (where you only return to resit examinations)

Student Loan & Grant

If you register and repeat all or part of an academic year you can usually receive a student maintenance loan however you may not be able to receive a maintenance grant and tuition fee loan.  

As a general rule entitlement to maintenance grant and tuition fee loan funding is calculated as the:

  • normal length of your course plus one additional year minus any previous years (including part years) of study.

Usually maintenance loans are unaffected by previous years of study (unless you have already obtained an Honours degree).  If you do not have enough funding entitlement to cover the duration of your course because of repeat years you will usually be required to self-fund your tuition fees in the earlier years of your course.  Remaining funding entitlement will be applied to the last year of your course and worked backwards.

Exceptional Personal Circumstances

If you experience exceptional personal circumstances and this results in you having to repeat study you may be able to request Student Finance considers awarding you additional years of funding above your standard entitlement.  Any decision about awarding additional years of funding is at the discretion of Student Finance and you will need to provide supporting evidence of your compelling personal reasons for consideration.

Studying on a part-time basis

If you remain registered on a full-time course even if you are only repeating some of the credits you should still be eligible to receive student finance.  This is because you are still registered on a full-time course but attending it on a part-time basis.  Your student finance will be pro-rated based on the number of weeks you will be in attendance during the academic year.

If you are only required to repeat semester 2 you should ensure your School has notified the Student Data Team (Student Progress Service) to confirm you have resumed studies. Student Data will inform the Student Loans Company you have returned to studies. Please be aware it could take up to 6 weeks for your student finance payment to reach your bank account once you have resumed studies.

External resit

If you are an external student and not in attendance you will not be eligible to receive student funding for this period and no tuition fees are payable.

Tuition Fees

If you are repeating the whole year you will be charged the full fee.  If you are only required to repeat some of your modules you may be charged less but this will depend on the number of credits you will be undertaking.  You can check the cost of your tuition fees by telephoning 0191 208 5520 or emailing:  They will calculate how much tuition fee you are liable for based on your attendance.