Financial implications of suspending studies

Information about the procedure to follow for suspending studies can be found on the Student Progress Service web pages.

Student Loan & Grant

A suspension of studies must be authorised by your DPD. Once agreed the Student Data Team (Student Progress Service) will inform the Student Loans Company (SLC) about the details of your suspension. Your entitlement to student finance will be reassessed based on the dates you attended University. You would not usually receive any further maintenance payments in the current academic year after the agreed date of suspension.

If you were in receipt of the maintenance loan and/or grant you could be asked to repay some of your entitlement back immediately, depending on the date of your withdrawal. For example, withdrawing mid-term would mean you would need to repay approximately half of your first term maintenance payment.

It is important not to ignore any SLC correspondence you receive regarding overpaid loans and/or grants as your student finance entitlement could be affected in the future (see below). If you are concerned about having to repay any overpaid elements of Student Finance you may be able to negotiate this with the SLC.

Ill health

If you suspend your studies due to ill health Student Finance should automatically award you an additional 60 days of funding from the date of suspension.

Exceptional Personal Circumstances

In some instances, usually if you are experiencing exceptional personal circumstances, you can contact student finance to request they pay your funding for the reminder of the academic year. You must be able to demonstrate that you have ongoing financial commitments and a lack of funding could lead to financial hardship Contact Student Finance to find out more about this and the evidence you need to supply to support your request. Any decision to award funding for the time spent out on a suspension of studies is entirely at the discretion of Student Finance.

Returning to your studies

You should check our web page regarding the financial implications of repeating a year of your course.

Tuition Fees

If you decide to suspend your studies, the amount of the tuition fees you will be liable to pay will depend on the term in which you suspend.

If you suspend during the first 2 weeks of term 1 (usually last week of September/first week of October) you will be charged 0% of the total academic year's fee.

If you suspend during term 1 you will be charged 25% of the total academic year’s fee.

If you suspend during term 2 you will be charged 50% of the total academic year’s fee.

If you suspend during term 3 you will be charged 100% of the total academic year’s fee.

Students with a tuition fee loan

If you have a loan for tuition fees the University will notify the Student Loan Company that your liability for tuition fees has reduced and therefore the amount of your loan will be reduced by the Student Loans Company. No refunds will be made direct to the student if they are in receipt of a tuition fee loan.


If you have signed a tenancy agreement but you are thinking of moving out because you are suspending your studies you will need to think about your liability for rent.  If you are living in University accommodation you will usually be charged full rent for your room for the relevant termly billing period.  You should speak to the University Accommodation Service for advice about this:  If you live in private accommodation you should speak to your landlord.  You can contact the Student Advice Centre by telephoning 0191 239 3979 if you need help understanding your tenancy agreement or dealing with your landlord.


Unless already eligible you are not usually eligible to claim any welfare benefits whilst you have suspended your studies.  This is because you will still be treated as being a full-time student as you have not withdrawn or abandoned your course and intend to return to full-time study.  For help and advice relating to benefit entitlement you can contact the Student Advice Centre by telephoning 0191 239 3979 or emailing:

Council Tax

If you need help or advice about Council Tax you should contact the Student Advice Centre by telephoning 0191 239 3979 or emailing: