Financial implications of transferring

Information about the procedure to follow for transferring study can be found on the Student Progress Service web pages.

Student Loan & Grant

If you change your course or institution you should notify Student Finance. If you transfer before the start of an academic year you will be able to make this change on your online student finance account. If you transfer after the start of the academic year you should contact the University so they can inform Student Finance. Information about transferring course can be found here.

If you transfer to another course and are able to commence your new course mid-year your student loan and grant entitlement should remain unaffected.

If you are not able to transfer to your new course mid-year and need to wait for the next academic year your funding entitlement may be reassessed and you may be asked to repay some of your Student Finance - see our suspension of studies web page for more information.

If you transfer and are starting a new course at university in the next academic year you should note that any previous study you have undertaken can affect your entitlement to funding on your new course.  The rules surrounding funding entitlement and previous study are complex and you should check your entitlement to funding.

As a general rule entitlement to maintenance grant and tuition fee loan funding is calculated as the:

  • normal length of your course plus one additional year minus any previous years (including part years) of study.

Usually maintenance loans are unaffected by previous years of study (unless you have already obtained an Honours degree).  If you do not have enough funding entitlement to cover the duration of your new course you will usually be required to self-fund your tuition fees in earlier years of your course.  Remaining funding entitlement will be applied to the last year of your new course and worked backwards.

Tuition Fees

If you transfer to another undergraduate course at Newcastle University and you transfer to your new undergraduate course mid-year your tuition fee loan should cover the cost of your fees.

If you transfer to a new course mid-year but you are not able to continue on your new course until the beginning of the next academic year you may be liable for a fee for your old course as well as the full fee when commencing your new course.

If you transfer to another institution you should contact the Tuition Fees Team to find out what fee you will be charged for your time at Newcastle.  You can contact the Tuition Fees Team by telephoning 0191 208 5520 or emailing:  They will calculate how much tuition fee you are liable for based on your attendance at Newcastle. 


If you have signed a tenancy agreement but you are thinking of moving out because you are transferring to another university you will need to think about your liability for rent.  If you are living in University accommodation you will usually be charged full rent for your room for the relevant termly billing period.  You should speak to the University Accommodation Service for advice about this:  If you live in private accommodation you should speak to your landlord.  You can contact the Student Advice Centre by telephoning 0191 239 3979 if you need help understanding your tenancy agreement or dealing with your landlord.