Money for Tuition Fees

You can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan to pay your fees while you’re studying. This means you don’t need to worry about paying your fees up-front. Student Finance England (SFE) pay the loan directly to the University so you don’t need to arrange payment.

Am I eligible?

The tuition fee loan isn’t assessed on your parents’ income, so if you meet residency criteria you’ll be eligible. Your eligibility can be affected if you’ve studied a higher education course before.

What can I get?

In 2018/19 your fees will be £9,250 which means you can apply for a tuition fee loan to cover these costs. The loan is automatically paid directly to us so you don’t need to worry about organising the payment of your fees. You can take a partial tuition fee loan but you’ll need to speak to us about paying the remaining balance.

What if I don’t want a tuition fee loan?

If you want to pay your tuition fees yourself you should find out about other payment options available.