Funding for Placement Years

If you’re planning a study or work placement it’s important to know what funding is available to you.  Different types of placement can attract different types of funding so it’s important to get an idea of what’s available to you before you go.

Does my Student Finance England (SFE) application need to be different?

You should apply for your student funding as early as possible and let SFE know you’re on a placement. If you don’t know the details of your placement you can still apply and update SFE later. If you need to change anything on your application make sure this is done 6 weeks before the start of your placement to make sure you get your money in good time.

What if I need to make changes while I’m away?

It could be worthwhile setting up Consent to Share (CTS) with SFE before you go away. CTS gives a parent, friend or University Adviser the ability to discuss your account on your behalf, meaning you don’t need to make costly calls to SFE while you’re away.

To set up CTS for a University Adviser you need to call SFE (0300 100 0607) giving them the below information:

  • first line of University address: Claremont Road
  • university postcode: NE1 7RU
  • relationship: University Adviser
  • password: your choice, but you’ll need to share it with us

What type of placement funding is available?

There are funding arrangements for:

If you suspend your studies to complete a placement year you won’t be classed as a registered student which means you aren’t eligible for any funding.

Do I still get a University scholarship?

If you’re on a full year placement you’ll get a tuition fee discount of up to £8000 therefore you won’t be eligible for a University scholarship while you’re away. If you’re on a part year placement you should be paying a full tuition fee and be considered for a scholarship.

What happens if I have money trouble while I’m away?

If you find yourself struggling for money while you’re on a registered placement you can apply to the Student Financial Support Fund to help with living costs. You’ll need to provide things like banks statements, student finance entitlement letters and tenancy agreements to support your application. You should make sure you have access to these documents while you’re away.

Detailed information

We have created a guidance document (PDF 277KB) specifically for students going on placement.