Emergency Loans

If you run out money and can't cover your living costs we may be able to provide a short-term, interest free, emergency loan.

We'll usually only provide one emergency loan per academic year and we don't offer them during the summer vacation. They usually need to be repaid and can't assist with ongoing or long-term financial difficulties but we do have other funding that might be able to help with this.

Before applying it's important that you read our terms and conditions (PDF: 78KB).

How do I apply for an emergency loan?

Contact us by completing an enquiry form or phoning 0191 208 5679 or 0191 208 3760

  • if you contact us between 9:00am and 12:00pm – we'll call you back between 12:30pm and 2:00pm the same working day
  • if you contact us between 12:00pm and 5:00pm – we'll call you back between 9:30am and 12:30pm the following working day

If we're unable to reach you when we call you back we'll leave a voice message and also send an email to your University email address.


Part 1

We'll speak to you over the phone and ask you a number of questions to determine your eligibility for an emergency loan. You should answer all questions to the best of your knowledge.

Part 2

If you're eligible you'll be given an appointment time and asked to bring itemised and continuous bank statements showing transactions in all of your accounts for the last month. This includes accounts you're no longer using or any overseas accounts (if applicable). We'll try and reach a decision at the end of the appointment but in some instances it could take up to 24 hours to reach a decision if you're asked to submit further evidence.


We'll only offer an emergency loan to cover very basic living costs in the short-term. You'll normally be offered cash but may be issued Tesco Spend Cards or a combination of the two if we have concerns about your spending habits. You'll not be able to use Tesco Spend Cards to buy alcohol or tobacco products.


A repayment date will be agreed during your appointment, taking into account when you expect to receive your next source of income. You'll only repay what you borrow from us - the loans don't accrue interest. You can repay online or in person at the Cash Office, Level 2 King's Gate. If you're unable to repay by the agreed date you should contact us straight away to discuss the options available to you.

If you fail to repay a loan issued by the Student Financial Support Team you may:
  • experience registration delays
  • experience decreases in future University bursary / scholarship payments
  • be refused future assistance from the Student Financial Support Fund / Financial Assistance Fund
  • be referred to the Finance Office for your loan to be recovered by a debt collection agency. You should note that the Finance Office may use an external debt collection agency to recover the outstanding sum and this may adversely affect your credit rating. (If you're a final year student and haven't repaid your loan (s) by graduation your debt will be automatically referred through the Finance Office debt collection system. Should you wish to return to the University to undertake further study this debt will remain and it is likely to prevent you from registering for a new course).