Financial Assistance Fund

The Financial Assistance Fund (FAF) is provided by the University to give discretionary financial assistance to registered international and non-UK EU students who are experiencing serious and unexpected financial difficulties due to circumstances beyond their control.

What do we mean by financial difficulties?

It's nothing dramatic or extreme. We would deem a student to be experiencing financial difficulties if they are:

  • struggling to make ends meet
  • unable to cover their essential, day-to-day living costs

Students can read out more about eligibility criteria of the Fund or can contact us, by telephoning 0191 208 3760 or 0191 208 5679 to discuss their circumstances in detail. Please do not be deterred from submitting an application, all applications are treated in adherence with the Student Wellbeing Service confidentiality policy.

Please note that applicants must be able to show that their financial difficulties have arisen through unforeseen and exceptional circumstances as it is a condition of registering at the University for students to have adequate funds in place for tuition fees / living expenses for their whole period of study.

Application forms can be obtained from our web site or the level 2 Helpdesk in King's Gate. Students should not apply to the Fund until they have first explored other ways of supporting themselves. The Fund does not provide bursaries or scholarships to overseas students or funds to cover fee payments or major shortfalls in funding.

We aim to provide applicants with an outcome within 10 working days of submitting a fully completed application form.

Further assistance

Students who want help with budgeting and managing their money can book an appointment with one of our Student Finance Advisers.

Students who need help with debt management should contact the Student Advice Centre which is based in the Students' Union.

Students who wish to further supplement their income may wish to look into applying for external charitable funds.