Student Financial Support Fund

The Student Financial Support Fund is provided by the University to give discretionary financial assistance to registered UK students if they:

  • need help with unexpected financial difficulties
  • have a low income (first degree undergraduates only)
  • are considering leaving higher education because of financial problems
  • are experiencing a funding delay e.g. student loan instalment

What do we mean by financial hardship ?

If you find yourself struggling to make ends meet and you're unable to cover essential, day-to-day living costs.

Before making an application for assistance you must've accessed all other sources of funding available to you; this includes using any savings and taking out an interest free overdraft if you're eligible. Due to the discretionary nature of the Fund there's no guarantee that you'll receive funding. If you're eligible to receive help you might receive either a non-repayable award or a loan.

You can find out more about the eligibility criteria and assessment process by reading the Student Financial Support Fund Policy and Supplementary Guidance (PDF: 343KB)

Still not sure whether to make an application?

Many students often feel there may be more deserving cases than theirs and feel they should not submit an application. Our assessment process will determine the level of assistance to offer to each applicant and the funds are intended to assist as many students as possible. We aim to provide you with an outcome within 10 working days of submitting a fully completed application form. Last year 81% of the students who submitted an application received assistance from the fund. Read more about some of the successful and unsuccessful applications made to the Fund (PDF: 602KB)

How to Apply

Contact us by phoning 0191 208 3760 or 0191 208 5679 to request an application form and to schedule a submission appointment.

If you need help completing your application form let us know and we can arrange a separate appointment to help you fill out your form.