Health Information for International Students

Arriving in a new country is a very busy time and there are a lot of changes to go through. For example, there are differences in food, weather and customs to cope with. In this type of situation, with all its stresses, you can find yourself paying less attention than usual to your health. Existing health problems can also be made worse by the effects of adjusting to unfamiliar food, a different climate and the emotional strains of being away from home. It can be easy to concentrate on your studies and forget about taking care of yourself.

The UK Council for International Student Affairs has created a website aimed at providing health information to international students. This information aims to give advice on looking after yourself, as well as practical information on how to obtain medical treatment. It also explains students’ entitlement to free medical treatment under the UK state health system.

For more information about culture shock and general issues faced upon coming to the UK, please click here.

For medical services information for international students, please view this booklet.