Immunisation Guidelines for Students of Non-Clinical Degrees

Students who undertake certain forms of laboratory work are at risk from a number of microbial infections. To reduce or eliminate any possible hazard, all persons and laboratories handling or working with any micro-organism, or material intimately associated with any micro-organisms should read the advice given by the University Safety Office.

Heads of school have overall responsibility for ensuring that adequate arrangements are in place to comply with these requirements at school level. Individual members of staff are accountable to the head of school for achieving the standards defined in the recommendations by themselves and by any staff or students under their supervision and charge.

Degree programme directors, module leaders, practical class leaders and research project supervisors should ensure that students under their charge are appraised of the infection hazards associated with the material they will be working with.

Students can use the online undergraduate or postgraduate prospectuses to read about the immunisation guidelines for individual courses.

Official guidance on immunisation in the UK is also published by the Department of Health.