Student Progress compiles and maintains a list of modules for which immunisation is required.

Before Student Registration at the beginning of each academic year, Student Progress will write to the module leaders to ask to ensure that Immunisation Forms are completed for every student due to undertake the module in the following academic year and to those in the current academic year.

The forms will require students to obtain the immunisation needed or sign a disclaimer after being appraised of the risks. On receiving the completed forms back from the students, module leaders will be asked to provide Student Progress with a list of students requiring immunisation.

Student Progress will write to all students who require immunisation to advise them that it would be preferable for them to obtain it from their own doctor (who will have their medical records), but to let them know when they may attend the Saville Medical Practice if they would prefer to undertake the course of immunisation there (whether or not they are registered with the Saville). All students contacted will be advised to obtain confirmation that the course of immunisation has been completed.

It is recommended that schools seek confirmation from students before they start the module or relevant project that they have received the appropriate course of immunisation so that the school has evidence or a signed disclaimer in respect of every student undertaking the module.