Counselling and Mental Health

We aim to help students get the most from their time at the University and to maximise their academic success by providing brief counselling and mental health disability support.  Our service is without charge and is available to all current students.  We offer appointments 09.00 - 21.00 Monday - Thursday and from 09.00 - 17.00 on Fridays during term-time. Outside of term-time we offer appointments from 09.00 - 17.00 Monday - Friday.  Please note we are not an emergency service and do not run an out of hours service.

Counselling Team

The Newcastle University Counselling team provide counselling for students who may be struggling with life concerns which cause unmanageable emotional or psychological distress.
Students are linked to the correct internal or external support system via an assessment process.

Internal support can take the form of online self-help, psychoeducational groups or one to one counselling, either face to face or over the telephone.

Students whose needs cannot be best met by the counselling team are linked to the most appropriate external services. This may be their GP, local or national NHS mental health services or specialist third sector agencies.

As with physical health, the University does not treat mental illness and students requiring treatment for such contact their GP.

Mental Health Team

The Mental Health Team provides assessments and recommends to schools the academic adjustments students with mental health disabilities require. They also provide advice and facilitate access to practical support for students with ongoing mental health disabilities and significant vulnerabilities, with the aim of enabling them to engage with their studies in a safe and effective way. With student consent, they will liaise with external mental health partners, to help maintain student mental wellbeing and aid any transition into and out of University.

Wellbeing Consultancy Service

The Wellbeing Consultancy Service is a telephone service available to anyone with concerns about the physical or mental wellbeing of a Newcastle University student. Staffed by our Mental Health Team, callers are provided with advice and guidance and when necessary the Consultancy staff will take proactive safeguarding action.