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Wellbeing Workshops

To book onto any of the wellbeing workshops listed below please visit https://workshops.ncl.ac.uk/wellbeing/ or if you have any queries please email wellbeingworkshops@ncl.ac.uk


Using Creative Outlets to improve wellbeing

Connecting with people, learning new skills and engaging in relaxing, mindful activities have all been shown to promote and improve wellbeing. This workshop will provide you an opportunity for all three.

Come along to the Hatton Gallery and spend the afternoon trying out different art techniques, looking at the exhibitions, meeting people and generally relaxing.
The sessions will have a relaxed drop-in style so you are free to stay for as long or as little as you like. A facilitator will be available should you want some guidance on how to get started or have any questions about the exhibitions.



This workshop aims to provide an introduction into the nature of compassion and how it can help us to improve our mental health. We can sometimes find that we push ourselves too far and that we take on more and morework and responsibilities. Compassion is about giving recognition to ourselves and our own needs. It focusses on respecting ourselves and using that to make the most of the opportunities we have, maximising our potential rather than facing burnout.


Anxiety I

“Why is my heart pounding? Why are my hands sweating? Why can’t I concentrate? Why do I feel so keyed up and anxious? Is it just me that feels like this”? …

These are just some of the questions that will be answered in this workshop. By the end of it, our aim is that you will understand what anxiety is; how it is triggered and how it is maintained which can be incredibly comforting and empowering to know. Follow this workshop with part II, for great practical ways of managing anxiety.


Anxiety II

With a diverse mix of relaxation exercises; video clips; problem solving solutions and stimulating discussions, this workshop has been designed to help equip you with some fabulous tools and techniques for decreasing the debilitating symptoms of stress and anxiety. There is no need to have attended part I, but this would be beneficial.



Do you find it hard to say “no” to others or stick up for yourself? Do you find yourself getting angry or festering silently rather than being able to clearly say how you think and feel? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of above, then come along for this stimulating workshop, where our aim is that you leave feeling empowered to communicate well and get far more of your needs met - in all your relationships!


How to Sleep

Good enough sleep, not too much and not too little, is a cornerstone of our physical and mental health.

Unfortunately, a healthy amount of sleep is not always easy to achieve.

This workshop will tell you all you need to know about

· why sleep matters,

· the barriers to healthy sleep, and , most importantly,

· what you can do to improve your chances of getting a good night’s sleep.



“Most of us are familiar with the struggle to complete a task as we can find ourselves procrastinating. This workshop aims to develop practical strategies to help you break any procrastination habits you may have. We will not be looking at the underlying reasons why we procrastinate, rather focussing on practical ways to positively change this behaviour.

Alongside this we will be considering how we can best organise our time, be more realistic in our goal setting and achieve a more positive lifestyle balance; with the ultimate aim being to improve productivity and wellbeing.

This workshop is mainly information-giving but does include some group discussion to allow you to pool resources and share ideas with your peers.”



PG Resilience

A workshop to help understand the factors, including those specific to PGR's,which contribute to the increased symptoms of stress in our lives and how these are maintained. An opportunity to understand the difference between stress and distress and discuss coping strategies to help build our resilience to cope more effectively.

Facilitator: Michelle Robson

Date and time: Thursday 15th August 12:00pm – 1.00pm

Location: KG1.26

Capacity: 30