Support While Studying

Financial support

Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA) are non-means tested and are available to disabled students who are applying for, or are attending, a course of Higher Education (UK students only). The allowance can cover any additional study-related costs that you may incur because of a long-term mental health condition.

We would encourage you to contact your funding body to start your application for Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA) as soon as you can. The mental health team can help with this process and can assist with any questions you may have.

UK students facing financial hardship are eligible to apply for assistance from the Hardship Fund. Requests for financial help via the Hardship Fund from disabled students who are not eligible for standard sources of funding, are treated sympathetically. To find out more about funding from the Hardship Fund contact us.

Support without funding

You may be able to access a range of support, subject to availability and suitability, without applying for any additional funding. This could include:

  • advice and guidance to your school about the reasonable adjustments and support required to facilitate your engagement in your studies
  • extended library loan facilities so that you can keep library books for longer or access to private study rooms
  • modified exam arrangements, such as extra time, rest breaks or being able to sit your exams in a smaller venue

Consideration of what reasonable adjustments may be possible will be determined on a case by case basis according to each individual set of circumstances.

To access support from the mental health team, you will need to provide recent medical evidence from a relevant professional (eg GP, psychiatrist or psychologist) detailing how your difficulties might impact on your studies and confirming that the difficulties are ongoing (ie that they have either been apparent for a period for at least 12 months or are likely to last for an overall period of at least 12 months).

You can contact the team by email at