Where to start?

In this section, we’ve brought together a wide range of information and resources which you – or someone you know - might find helpful.  This includes key websites with information about mental health, as well as self-help workbooks and mobile apps which you can use and work through in your own time.   

Common difficulties

We’ve included an A – Z of websites for local and national helplines and services which is organised by theme, from anxiety to gambling to sexual health.

Other University services and support

We’ve also listed some of the other services and support available within the University, alongside the Student Wellbeing Service.

What next?

Sometimes, accessing these resources can resolve the current concern and you may not need any further support from the Student Health and Wellbeing Service.  

If that’s not the case, and you feel it’d be helpful to talk through your difficulties, we ask you to arrange an assessment appointment so we can work out what would best suit your particular needs.

The resources listed within this section are by no means definitive. Some resources may be more helpful than others as different resources suit different individuals.  The University is not responsible for content displayed on external links.