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My Working Hours app

My Working Hours app

The ‘My Working Hours’ app is the only way students can be assigned casual work at Newcastle University. This affects all student workers, including those in teaching, demonstrating and research roles.

Using the 'My Working hours' app

When you’ve been allocated a work assignment you’ll get an email with a link to the ‘My Working Hours’ app. (You won’t be able to access the app until your first work assignment has been created.)

You can see how the ‘My Working Hours’ app works here. You’ll use this app to keep track of all the work you’re doing on campus and to submit hours worked for approval and payment

See below details of how the main functions of the app work.

Viewing your work assignments

Each week, you’ll have a set number of hours allocated for each work assignment you are offered. It’s important to remember that only work allocated through the app can be paid. If you’re offered work in another way, please raise this with your supervisor or School office

Each work assignment you are assigned have will set ‘maximum weekly hours’. Make sure you check the maximum weekly hours allocated before you do any work. If you want to change anything about your work assignments (the allocated hours, cancelling an assignment or have a query about your payment) then please contact your manager.

Claiming Payment

You should submit hours worked for approval on the Monday following the working week. You can also enter hours and save as you go. When you submit your hours, they will be sent for approval. Approval can take up to 14 days and when approved will be sent electronically to the Payroll department for processing and payment

Payments are made monthly. Approval deadlines and pay dates can be found within our Approval Deadlines (PDF: 73KB).