Student Services


Terms and conditions

We care about protecting the rights of any students working on campus at the University.

The Student Employment on Campus Policy seeks to ensure that our processes and engagement terms are:

  • fair
  • transparent
  • equitable
  • inclusive

As such the policy should ensure that the University is able to meet its obligations as both a sponsor of Tier 4 visa holders, and an employer of its own students.

Students looking to work should have read, understood and agreed to the casual workers agreement prior to commencement of any work being undertaken.

Pay levels

Student casual workers' pay levels took effect from 29th July 2019 and set out the work types, descriptions and examples of work, student workers can undertake and the appropriate pay levels associated with that level of work.

Pay levels vary from Level 1 through to Level 6. Full details of these can be found within our Student Casual Worker Pay Rates and Descriptions.