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Top 5 questions to ask at a UCAS Fair

Top 5 questions to ask at a UCAS Fair

It’s UCAS fair season – a 50+ stop tour across the UK for all the things you need to know about higher education.

If you’re thinking of heading to your closest UCAS fair, we’ve come up with the top five questions you should ask to help make your visit more than just a mad grab for freebies.

What courses do you offer?

This may sound like a no brainer but you may have heard a uni is great for a Mathematics degree, but what if you want to study Accounting and Mathematics or Mathematics and Economics?

Sometimes it’s easier to speak to someone to work out what options are available and which would be best for you.

Entry requirements and admissions advice

Picking what subject you want to do is only half the battle. The next thing you’ve got to look at is if you can meet the entry requirements.

Talking to somebody from the uni you’re interested in can give you advice you might not find in a prospectus or online. They can give you some pointers on how to craft the best application for a certain course, giving you an advantage when it comes to submitting your UCAS form.

Bursaries and scholarships

It might be common knowledge that uni fees aren't cheap, but did you know that most universities offer grants, bursaries and scholarships to help people with the cost of their higher education?

At a UCAS fair you can ask them face to face too. There’s no need to give a secret handshake or a knowing wink before either. Just walk right up to someone and ask “Hey, what kind of financial help can you give me to pay your fees?” You might be surprised with how much help they offer.

Ask about the student experience

If you’re planning on going to uni, you want to make the most of your time there. You’re going to be doing a lot of studying, but you’ll also have plenty of time to experience loads of new things in your new found freedom from home.

Here at Newcastle Uni there are over 130 societies57 sports teams and a whole load of opportunities to study abroad while on a course. When you’re at a UCAS fair make sure you find out what extra stuff you can get up to while studying at a uni.

University facilities

A uni is more than its lecture halls and libraries. Take this rare chance of face-to-face interaction to find out what you can expect to find on campus.

Is there a huge gym for keeping fit? Are there plenty of computers for students to use? Do they have free wi-fi on campus to save your mobile data when tweeting pictures of your lunch? Is there a union bar on campus? Do they have banking facilities and big name food chains on site? (The answer to all these questions is yes at Newcastle University by the way).

Asking someone who comes from where you’re thinking of studying is the next best thing to actually visiting the place yourself. It’s like getting friendly with the locals when you’re on holiday. Only that way will you uncover the best bits of where you’re going to be staying.

A full list of the HE Fairs Newcastle University will be attending can be found here.