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Behavioural Models for Individual Choices CPD

The aim of the course is to understand modelling and forecasting how individuals make decisions.

Basic discrete choice models and advanced models

CPD programme

Part 1: Basic discrete choice models  - 21-23 November 2022  (Mon-Wed 3 days)

Part 2: Advanced models -  29-30 November 2022 (Tues-Wed 2 days)

Venue: Newcastle University

About the programme

Understanding how people make decisions and what drives their choices is key in several disciplines, including:

  • transport
  • economics
  • sociology
  • psychology
  • marketing
  • environment

Those with no prior knowledge of the subject and interested only in basic discrete choice models may choose to attend only Part 1.

Delegates already aware of basic discrete choice models (multinomial logic model) may choose to join for only Part 2.

Alternatively, delegates may join for both parts and use the time in between to absorb and reflect on the material presented in part 1 before building on it the following week.

For further information

Please note - this course requires some prior knowledge of statistics such as t-test, sampling problems etc.  

It would also be useful for attendees to have some prior knowledge of data collection or empirical experiments.  

If you have concerns about this, please email to discuss this with the course leader.