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Borehole Design, Construction and Operation CPD

In this module, you'll get an introduction to a variety of types of boreholes and wells, their use, design, and operation.

Borehole Design, Construction and Operation programme

Dates: Week commencing 13 March 2023 (5 days) or 1 day (Field course)

Venue: Newcastle University

About the programme

This course will:

  • introduce you to the main methods of drilling and borehole investigation techniques. These can be used to assess aquifer and well properties in the context of developing successful water supply boreholes including downhole geophysics
  • also introduce methods for optimising borehole design. This includes a selection of appropriate technology and types of pumps, well and aquifer development, and test pumping
  • provide awareness of the need for long term maintenance and rehabilitation of water supply boreholes. It will also provide details of appropriate methods

The focus of the module is water supply boreholes. Many of the techniques apply equally to other types of boreholes including:

  • those used for investigation
  • monitoring or water quality sampling

The one day field course will comprise:

  • elements of borehole design and construction. This includes the use of downhole geophysics (delivered by European Geophysical Services)
  • the set-up and running of constant rate and step pumping tests

The field element can be taken as a stand alone day, or as part of the week long module.

For further information

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