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Renewable Energy: Environmental Impact Assessment

Learn the principles and practice of the EIA process and gain hands-on experience and skills.

Environmental Impact Assessment programme

Dates: TBC

Venue: Newcastle University

About the programme

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process informs decision-makers of the likely impact a proposed development may have on the environment.

This process requires a wide range of skills and expertise from:

  • scientists
  • environmental managers
  • developers
  • public bodies
  • government authorities

This course will provide a background to the principles and practice of the EIA process. It will also give students hands-on experience with realistic environmental impact scenarios.

Although the course is designed for international applications, much of the documentation and procedures are based on EU EIA frameworks and is particularly suited to work within the EU countries.

At the end of this module, students should be able to:

  • show a thorough understanding of the structure, principles and practice of the EIA process in a range of environments
  • undertake EIA projects, integrating the diverse range of components required
  • communicate the outcomes of an EIA process in an appropriate formal written report
  • demonstrate a wide range of transferable skills that contribute to the EIA process

This course focuses on the fundamental principles of sustainable development and environmental impact assessments rather than the legislative and regulatory environment of a particular EIA system. Emphasis will be given to examples from the EU.

For further information

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