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Foundation Design and Retaining Structures CPD

Build on principles of soil mechanics and discover their use in foundations design

Foundation Design and Retaining Structures programme

Dates: Monday 8 May - Friday 12 May 2023

Venue: Newcastle University

About the programme

This module will build upon the principles of soil mechanics, and show how they are used for the design of shallow and deep foundations and retaining walls.

We will examine different types of shallow foundations:

  • pad footing
  • strip footing
  • raft footing

Students will learn to calculate settlements in both cohesive and granular soils. You will also get practical experience assessing the settlement of both shallow and deep foundations.

We will teach you how to calculate the bearing capacity of shallow foundations, accounting for the shape of the foundation and inclination of the loads.

Students will get the opportunity to design shallow foundations and retaining walls, accounting for the saturation condition of the soil.

We will discuss classification criteria and methods of installation of piles. You will also learn how to determine the bearing capacity of piles subjected to vertical actions.

For further information

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