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Design of Transport Infrastructure CPD

This course provides an extensive overview of the design of transport infrastructure.

Design of Transport Infrastructure programme

Key dates and times

Monday 13 - Friday 17 March 2023

Venue: Newcastle University

About the programme

This course provides an overview of the design of transport infrastructure. You'll gain an understanding of;

  • highway design and its origins in safety research
  • route choice, highway alignment design and detailed design
  • road construction & maintenance issues
  • aspects of vehicle speed

You'll also develop and an awareness and appreciation of:

  • the impact of transport infrastructure on the environment
  • railway design and the contrast with highways
  • constraints affecting airport infrastructure
  • research into vehicle speeds and consistency measures

During the course, learners will consider:

Route Choice:

  • UK Design Standards – background and derivation of standards for horizontal Alignment, vertical alignment, overtaking
  • Applying Highway Link design – relaxations and departures from standard
  • Coordinated alignment design
  • Consistency analysis
  • Principles of Junction Design
  • Speed and consistency
  • Rail, Airports and Future transport infrastructure
  • Road Pavements Design, Materials and Maintenance
  • Detailed Design
  • Use of Highway design software

Please note, A Level Mathematics or equivalent, or a good working knowledge of algebra and trigonometry are strongly recommended in order to benefit from this module.

For further information

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