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Wastewater Engineering CPD

Learn about the treatment of domestic and industrial wastewaters.

Wastewater Engineering programme

CPD programme

Dates:  Week beginning 30 January 2023 (5 days)

Venue: Newcastle University

About the programme

This module forms part of the MSc Environmental Engineering programme.

It provides:

  • a basic understanding of the design and operation of unit processes in the treatment of domestic and industrial wastewaters
  • an understanding of biological principles and parameters
  • an introduction to recent developments and more advanced techniques in biological wastewater treatment
  • knowledge of the physical, chemical and biological principles in wastewater assessment and treatment
  • basic analytical and the latest molecular microbial ecology skills through laboratory analysis of wastewater and sludge samples

You will learn:

  • to select and design appropriate wastewater treatment unit processes
  • to calculate design specifications for unit processes to treat wastewater to a particular standard
  • a range of standard and modern wastewater laboratory analytical methods and their relevance to environmental regulations.


For further information

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