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Dr Oluwafisay Alabi
Oluwafisayo Alabi - ECRC

  • Research Associate
  • Address: Centre for Energy Policy, University of Strathclyde

Oluwafisayo is a Research Associate at the Centre for Energy Policy (CEP) in the School of Government and Public Policy, University of Strathclyde. She obtained an MSc in Energy Economics and Policy from the University of Surrey and PhD in Economics from the University of Strathclyde through an internally funded CEP doctoral programme. Her research career has focussed on considering, understanding and communicating the potential economy-wide impacts and implications of low carbon solutions (e.g. hydrogen, electric vehicles, carbon capture and storage and pumped hydro storage), industrial decarbonisation and some of the required large-scale investments to build a low carbon economy.

Her research expertise and interest underpins on addressing the crucial question of 'Who Pays' for the different low carbon solutions and the transition to a low carbon future. This is achieved through her specialisation in employing and refining economy-wide models (input-output and computable general equilibrium models). Her research activities also involve designing, producing and presenting different types of research outputs such as journal papers and policy/research briefs and engaging in collaborative and knowledge exchange public policy facing research.

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