Supergen Energy Networks Hub


Whole system analysis of advanced thermal energy storage technologies in future UK energy networks

Lead Institution: University of Birmingham

Project Summary

The overarching aim of this project is to develop fundamental understanding of the role and impact of thermal energy storage (TES) technologies in future UK low carbon energy networks. The focus of this research will be on advanced TES: latent heat TES based on phase change materials (PCMs) and reversible reaction based thermochemical storage (TST). We will investigate the role, environmental impacts and value of TES in future heat and electricity networks, facilitating TES technological development, business models and inform key decision makers.

Dr Adriano Sciacovelli
Principle Investigator

Adriano Sciacovelli

Dr Hossein Ameli

Imperial College London

Alvaro Sanchez Miralles
Project Partner

Stemy Energy Ltd

Zafer Ure
Project Partner

PCM Products Ltd